Challenger #2




  • Lifecoach – winner of Challenger #1
  • Shaggy – winner of Open #1
  • J0rah – runner-up of Open #1
  • Freddybabes – winner of Open #2
  • TailBot – runner-up of Open #2
  • GameKingAT – qualified with Crown Points
  • Adzikov – finalist of Challenger Qualifier
  • Kolemoen – finalist of Challenger Qualifier


Broadcast team:











  • Best of five, single elimination
  • Each participant must build 4 decks from 4 different factions
  • No two decks can be of the same faction 
  • Each deck must contain a minimum of 25 card
  • Winning decks can’t be used to play another match, while losing ones may be used again or swapped out for another
  • Decks cannot be modified between matches



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