The offline GWENT Masters tournaments organized by CD PROJEKT RED each have a different base prize pool:

  • GWENT Open – 10 000 USD
  • Quarterfinal match stake – 500 USD
  • Semifinal match stake – 1000 USD
  • Final match stake – 1000 USD
  • Additionally, each participant receives 500 USD, and the winner 1000 USD
  • GWENT World Masters – 50 000 USD
  • Base prize pool distribution TBA

How much prize money a participant receives depends on the result of the match. For example, during a quarterfinal match of a GWENT Open tournament the participants will be competing for 500 USD. If the overall match result is 3:0, the winner will receive 500 USD and the loser will receive 0 USD, if it would be 3:1 the winner gets 375 USD and the loser gets 125 USD, if it would be 3:2 the winner gets 300 USD and the loser gets 200 USD.

Additionally, we’d like to give the most devoted GWENT Masters fans the ability to contribute to the prize pool of their favorite competition. Prior to each GWENT Open, and the 2022 World Masters, we will place special offers on select items in Shupe’s shop. Each purchase of such items will contribute the percentage of revenue to the prize pool and will be distributed equally between all participants. We’ll be sharing more information on this later, so stay tuned for updates!




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