World Masters Season 5 is in the books!

What a year, what a season!

Now that the dust has settled, we'd like to say it once again: congratulations to Shunri Miyanoshita, AKA Mya-Mon369EX, champion of the GWENT World Masters Season 5!

It's been an amazing tournament — after defeating Season 2 World Masters Champion Pajabol in the semifinals, Mya-Mon369EX went on to win versus the newcomer SaNvAnTeR after one of the most exciting finals, spanning 6 games (including 1 draw) in total. Having played since the closed beta, this victory meant a lot to Mya-Mon369EX. 

Here's the final tournament prize pool distribution:

If you missed the event, you can now watch it on our YouTube channel: Day 1 (Quarterfinals) and Day 2 (Semifinals and Final).

And with this, the official GWENT Masters esports series comes to an end. After 5 seasons and 30 events, the future of GWENT tournaments now lies in the hands of our great community. We want to thank all the players who participated in these tournaments, the casters and analysts for providing exciting commentary, and everyone watching our streams and making this all worth it.

From the entire GWENT Masters team: thank you and see you all in GWENTfinity!



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