World Masters Group Stage Schedule

Group Stage of the GWENT World Masters tournament is happening next weekend!

Like in the Mid-Season Tournament, the Group Stage matches will be casted live by our amazing streamers and casters: MissLadyJay, Euerfeldi, Lemon, Moshcraft, lionhart, GhostArya, Gandalf0271, Rykov, ArtNhr, Killerganon, kungfoorabbit, the_saltycaptain, Speci, Ceely, johaggis, and Kramushka. Check out the schedule (with links to the streams) below!


Saturday, December 2nd

12:00 CET

(Group A) Mya-Mon369EX vs Cat_Burger

(Group C) 优柔寡断的司徒空 vs Gravesh

15:00 CET

(Group B) Puzzle.Express vs InNomineSatanas

(Group C) Kareem_Eid vs Magpie131

18:00 CET

(Group A) JaimeOneHand vs Truzky

(Group B) Bukouski vs Sanvanter

Sunday, December 3rd

10:00 CET

(Group A) Winners match

(Group C) Winners match

13:00 CET

(Group A) Losers match

(Group B) Winners match

16:00 CET

(Group A) Tiebreaker

(Group B) Losers match

(Group C) Losers match

19:00 CET

(Group B) Tiebreaker

(Group C) Tiebreaker



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