The Pro Rank is the highest achievable rank in the game’s standard Ranked Play. It is the entry point for players wishing to join the world of GWENT esports. Each Ranked season lasts 1 calendar month and at the end of each one, the top 200 Pro Rank players are rewarded with Crown Points.

Each game you play with a faction unlocks a portion of its fMMR. To unlock 100% of a faction’s fMMR, a player needs to complete at least 25 games with that faction. Similarly, playing 20 games will only unlock 80%, and so on.

Though your current overall and faction MMRs will constantly shift depending on the results and amount of matches you play, your ranking placement will be based on the highest overall MMR you have achieved during the Ranked Season. This is called ‘peak MMR’. For example, if you are ranked 3rd with 8200 MMR at any point in a season and lose a number of games, causing your current overall MMR to drop significantly, you will remain ranked 3rd until the end of that season — unless another player surpasses your overall peak MMR of 8200.

The Pro Rank rating is global and takes into account players participating in Ranked Play across all regions GWENT is currently available in. After a Ranked Season ends, all MMR is reset. The top 500 Pro Rank players will retain their top positions, while other players will be demoted to rank 3, but will still be able to climb back next season and join the race immediately.

Players can check their ranking, as well as their global MMR, at any time on the Rankings page. Additionally, the distribution of fMMR between different factions will be visible in-game via a player’s profile.



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