Competitive ruling: 五花瞟 (UPDATED)

UPDATE: After receiving information pointing out that there is another account impersonating “五花膘”, which in fact violated the rules, we’re adjusting our announcement to address this problem. Player Xiang “五花膘” Xianling will be able to play in GWENT Open 4, as there are no issues with his account. Our sincere apologies for the confusion and inconvenience caused!


After investigating reports about suspicious behavior on the ranked ladder during the last Ranked Season ("Season of the Dryad"), we have found that player using account “五花瞟” violated paragraph 12.3 (a) of the GWENT Masters ruleset:

12.3. Cheating. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated and includes (but is not limited to) any of the following, whether actual, attempted, direct, indirect, intentional or otherwise:

a) match-fixing, colluding with others (which includes without limitation sharing prize money with other Participants) or taking any action intended to alter or interfere with the results of any part of the GWENT Masters

With multiple confirmed instances of soft play, forfeits and intentional disconnects during the last Ranked Season, the following decision was made to ensure the competitive integrity of the game:

  • Reset Crown Points earned by 五花瞟 in the ranked Season of the Dryad
  • Ban account “五花瞟” for a period of 1 month  

We’d like to use this opportunity to remind every player of the importance of following GWENT Masters rules, fair play and conducting themselves to the highest standards of integrity and good sportsmanship. Cheating of any kind, as always, will not be tolerated.  



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